Various sectors like airline, tourism, hotel, transportation etc. are trying to bring innovative mode of services for their customers using excellent technology adoption. Your success begins from the way you start interacting with the potential customers and tailor the personalized offers for them. You should be well aware of the ways they could be more convenient and comfortable to interact with you too. TESTQ is all set to eradicate your obsolete business methodologies and incorporate Smart & smooth processes to retrieve your lost market shares.

TESTQ Advantage

  • The industry pace is well known to the TESTQ experts to craft such a solution matching the market situations.
  • Airline, Hospitality, Road transport & Railway are offered its own specific solutions based on the keen industry exposure and know-how.
  • We are committed to plan and execute much competitive solutions which can have its own progressive pattern to make you stand successful in your concerned sector.
  • Flexibility, reliability and strategic vitality are the key points we maintain in our solutions.

Key Challenges

  • Updating technology matching with customer expectation is found to be a biggest challenge in the IT scenario of business.
  • Business performance and competitiveness management through analytical solutions is sometimes a great missing.
  • International business development often affects expenditure management.
  • Utilizing social media marketplaces can bring you the best sales revenue.
  • Customer expectation fulfillment through their convenient communication solutions can give your brand a greater attention and reach.
  • Service package customization through excellent solutions can give you a greater marketing mileage and earnings.


" The needs for customized services are found to be rising up in the travel and hospitality industry now a days. The ready availability of too many of service providers and custom offers are again making a hurdle to be thriving in the industry. In the middle of all these, the technology plays an important role to determine your competitive advantage. "

Key Areas

Following are the key areas of our solution by which the performance and perfection are guaranteed;

  • Booking & Reservation Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Multilanguage and Currency Management
  • Accounts Management
  • Service Package & Pricing Management
  • Business Performance Analytics

TESTQ is providing a greater IT exposure to your business processes and thereby ensuring unmatched performances. Your capital investments can be well organized for the technology boosting area which is ready to improvise your brand and its productivity beyond the competitive clutches.