As the global education industry continues to grow and evolve, several factors play a vital role to make this a once-in-a-generation opportunity for the UK and Europe to make an impact on some of the biggest and intractable problems in education around the world.

At TESTQ, our depth of experience in providing assurance and consulting services across Higher Education, Further Education, Schools and Academies, combined with our worldwide network of Education professionals ensures that you are ready to move forward against a backdrop of change.


TESTQ is among leading consulting service provider for schools, colleges, universities, and academic centres in UK and Europe. Our professionals have worked extensively with learning institutions to develop and implement solutions that address operational and regulatory requirements consistent with each unique culture. Our team aims to provide long-term support as you meet these challenges head-on.

Key Challenges

As education costs continue to rise and government allocation continues to reduce, and with decreased budgets, educational institutions are under tremendous pressure to improve service delivery. Our experts at TESTQ understand these issues and apply this knowledge in the planning, design, and pre/post-implementation phases of our clients enterprise systems.

The key challenges that the Education Industry worldwide faces today are:

  • Increasing demand for virtual colleges
  • Student mobility for higher education
  • Increasing demand for better services by students
  • Increased regulation
  • Rising cost of education
  • Reducing budgets


" Education is now emerging as a recognised global industry. According to latest reports, it is estimated to be worth almost £3trillion annually and worth £17.5billion to the UK economy. This is perhaps not surprising, as improving learning outcomes is now fundamental to nearly every country’s growth plan as they look to compete in the global economy, Continuing pressures on public education authorities in UK and Europe in particular, also challenge providers to do more and better for less. "


Our product range has been carefully selected and crafted to include both innovative and industry-leading solutions. The key segments that we cater are

We serve the following segments:

  • Academic Computing
  • Administrative Computing
  • Research Computing
  • Content & Knowledge Management
  • Donor & Alumni Management
  • E-Learning
  • Institutional Development