The multifaceted healthcare industry comprises of multiple segments that include patient care, biotechnology, insurance, pharmaceutical, and research. The global healthcare industry today is transforming rapidly into a patient-centric healthcare system with primary focus on improving the quality of healthcare. With constant technological innovation, regulation changes, and consumer behavior, the healthcare organizations must constantly reevaluate their business processes and investments in technology to maximize profitability and maintain good patient care.


At TESTQ, we are committed to provide incremental and cost-effective solutions. Our primary focus remains on improving operational efficiency, high return on investment, reduced risk, and seamless customer experience while meeting regulatory compliance. Our dedicated team provides value-added tools to help your organization strengthen its technical structure and adapt to constant change. Our services offering comprises of IT services and consulting services.

Key Challenges

The key challenges driving healthcare industry are:

  • Compliance with regulatory changes
  • Increased customer focus
  • Improved clinical outcomes
  • Integrated care management
  • Increasing operational efficiency
  • Modernization of legacy systems
  • Cost-effective healthcare services


" The healthcare sector offers a powerful mixture of opportunities and its own set of challenges. A substantial deficit between required and actually available healthcare infrastructure and resources has led to significant amount of investment into development and growth of this sector in the form of hospitals and other facilities over the years. "


Our focus areas include the following:

  • HIPAA 5010/ICD-10
  • Modernization of Legacy Systems
  • HIT (Health Information Technology) Services
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Healthcare Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Application Development, Testing and Maintenance:
    • Patient Administration Systems
    • Primary and Secondary Applications
    • Hospital Applications
  • Health Information Exchanges
  • Resource Planning and Scheduling
  • Logistics Management