The re-definition of the technology is a continuous aspect in the telecom and IT world where hi-tech scenario is an unavoidable phenomenon. The unpredictable aspect of customer demand is also forcing the telecom companies to go deep inside the tech-solutions. Here the tailor made solutions contributed by TESTQ plays a vital role in the modern telecom world giving a strong and responsive business platform. The warm industry knowledge and the capabilities to derive a practical solution are making us so unique in the telecommunications industry.

TESTQ Advantage

  • The efficient solution offered by TESTQ is the best outcome of our industry research and developments.
  • The competitive atmosphere is easily tackled by our strategic and innovative solutions and thereby changing your business into high earning levels.
  • We do provide expert solutions to reduce input cost.
  • Flexibility, reliability and strategic vitality are the key points we maintain in our solutions.

Key Challenges

  • The extreme expectations of the customers are asking for a technology uplift which may sometimes result with loosing the market share.
  • High investment according to market strategy may result in less profit.
  • The capital intensive technology invasion by the dominant foreign competitors may also slow pace your growth and shares.
  • When technology solution is able to meet any customer demands and provide innovative services, the ultimate effect is the increased market share and profit.
  • Innovative technology also means new opportunities to expand the business to the global markets and thereby opening a new business world.


" When customer satisfaction and rising demands are becoming decisive factors for the success of a business, the internal preparations and solutions made by that company should be so sturdy. Even competitions among the telecom companies are paving the way for implementing the most advanced technological solutions meeting all the up-to-date requirements. "

Key Areas

The TESTQ Telecom Enterprise solution focuses on the key areas like:

  • Strategic Consulting
  • Competitive Business Design
  • Market Strategy Formulation
  • Process Consulting
  • Network Management
  • Overall project portfolio management

TESTQ has made all the best efforts to overcome the competitive pressure that any enterprise could happen. No one our technology is making you lagging behind the market and struggling for customer satisfaction. The prompt and progressive services of TESTQ ensuring you a long business journey covering all your infrastructural overheads and leaping towards the profit making business world.