Today's accelerated rate of change and growth in Information Technology means every company inevitably faces increased competition in their product offerings. Companies need to make sure that they not only offer innovative products but also possess effective and efficient tools to manage their product portfolio throughout their life cycle.

An effective Product Engineering solution should address every aspect of designing a new product right from conceptualization to product delivery. Similarly, an effective PLM solution must completely define all aspects of the product’s life cycle including mechanical and electrical design files, software documentation, and service information.

At TESTQ, our Product Engineering and Product Life cycle Management services and solutions team employ a repository of industry benchmarks and industry-leading practices for Product Innovation and Product Life cycle Management to deliver an end-to-end portfolio of assets, from vision through implementation to support.

TESTQ Advantage

TESTQ offers a wide range of services for an array of industrial domains spanning complete product life cycle. TESTQ not only has the capability but also distinct approaches that deliver value and innovation for our clients and enables them to achieve engineering cost reduction and product cost optimization.

Our Product Engineering and Product Life Cycle Management services provide end-to-end services right from developing a strategic road map for a product to its implementation. We ensure you reach your customers faster and gain a competitive advantage along with reduced cost of product development and product innovation.

Challenges and Opportunities

Today’s business climate comprises of global teams, increasingly complex products, and ever-changing customer requirements for emerging markets. These challenges are becoming obstacles to successful product development, efficient manufacturing and service, and ultimately time-to-market and profit.

Product organizations are continuously facing following challenges and strive to convert them into opportunities to maintain a competitive advantage in the areas of product and service offerings

  • Outdated Versions
  • Loosing important product assets
  • Demand for better consumer experience
  • Huge Data Management
  • Budget constraints
  • Data theft and Security Risks


" Today, every business enterprise depends on continuous value creation resulting in better customer experiences for its existence. In today's cut-throat competitive business environment, industries are incessantly challenged with evolving technologies, innovation cycles, product re-engineering, manufacturing process optimization and design costs. To survive and succeed in this competitive environment, industries demand intelligent products, intelligent infrastructure. "

Key Areas

At TESTQ, our dedicated team of consultants delivers comprehensive solutions that will help you reach your customers faster while lowering total cost of ownership. We offer services and solutions in the areas of:

  • Product Design
  • Systems Engineering
  • Product and Portfolio Management
  • Quality Management
  • Manufacturing Process Management
  • Product Data Management