Tackling these challenges is turning out to be a daunting task especially while working with an aging infrastructure. The reserves for energy sources such as Oil and Gas are limited and companies need large capital expenditure to tap these resources. Therefore, companies face a significant challenge in maintaining high productivity as well as profitability.

TESTQ is a leading IT consulting and service provider with expertise spanning across the entire value chain including retail, customer service, energy management, asset management, smart grid, network operations, energy trading and risk management.

With our experience and focus on new technologies, you can rely on us for help across multiple business areas such as compliance, customer experience and operational performance.


Our experts provide cost-effective and enhanced service through improved governance and compliance and help in business transformation. We leverage emerging technologies such as HPC, Big Data, and Cloud to enable our clients realize maximum profits and to achieve cost reduction and improved operations. Additionally, we offer market-leading solutions specially tailored for upstream organizations.

Key Challenges

  • Delivering superior customer experience
  • Robust customer information and billing operations
  • Rising energy prices and need for energy management
  • Maintaining a reliable supply of electricity and gas
  • Climate change
  • Requirement of smart grids
  • Effective CRM Operations
  • Aging infrastructure and workforce
  • Advances in mobile technology


" Global market forces are driving energy and utilities industry to look towards a new approach. Companies in the regulated and unregulated utility landscape are striving hard to overcome the challenges of high customer expectations, increased government regulation and scrutiny, changes in demand, justifying large capital expenditure, thrust on green energy and requirement for better visibility into asset infrastructure for better business outcomes. "


  • Business Transformation Services
  • Innovation Partnerships
  • Asset Management
  • Product Engineering
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Energy Management
  • Energy Trading and Risk Management
  • Mobility
  • Customer Information and Billing
  • Operations Management
  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Big Data Analytics