In the current climate, organizations are finding themselves in a situation where both value for money and sustainability are key factors. With ever increasing energy costs, increased pollution levels, higher carbon taxes and reduced reliability of energy supplies from Utilities and the Grid, there is a growing need for businesses to reduce energy costs. This can be best achieved by using Green energy which is kind to the planet and also represents a sound financial investment.

Our Green Energy services confront the environmental problems inherent in much of our energy consumption. Our consultants help you not only to reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint by reducing your carbon emissions on the environment, but in addition enable you to generate new revenue streams. We firmly believe we can offer a more attractive and greener alternative that will help to protect our future generations.


With significant improvements being made in recent years through technological advancements and various incentives, clean, reliable and cost effective energy solutions are now within the grasp of many small to large businesses, especially those that are high energy users and are keen to become more green.

TESTQ’s Green Energy Services team excels at converting analytical insights from energy data into sustainable solutions. Our consultants collaborate with our client’s existing service providers as well as internal teams to assess their energy consumption. This helps us to design, develop, and deliver end-to-end energy management solutions addressing all the major key points of service delivery such as strategizing solution road map, implementation, and management to achieve your enterprise’s energy objectives.

Key Challenges

Global and local business enterprises are facing great challenges; the classical energy resources, being limited in supply, are becoming costly. On the other hand, increased pressure from stakeholders to control emissions and cutting down on operational costs, is driving organizations to adopt new means for optimizing energy consumption. The following challenges are driving organizations towards adoption of Green Energy solutions:

  • Climate Changes
  • Regulatory Pressures
  • Increasing Pollution
  • Rising energy prices
  • High carbon taxes
  • Increasing demand to reduce carbon footprint


" Rapidly changing global environment and economic conditions are making it inevitable for organizations to realign their business strategies towards a low-carbon existence. Reducing Green House Gas (GHG) emissions and energy costs are among the top priorities of enterprises today because of the transition towards a global low-carbon economy. With government offering significant incentives for a number of renewable technologies, organizations are looking forward to take advantage of this opportunity. "


TESTQ provides end-to-end Green Energy services to its customers, which result in bringing down overall consumption of energy. We leverage our best resources and immense capabilities to provide you the following cost-effective services:

  • Energy Consumption Optimization
  • Monitoring and Operations
  • Energy Cost Optimization
  • Green Buildings and LEED certification
  • Reporting
  • Consulting
  • Auditing