An IT system running on diverse platforms and spread across different geographical locations can prove to be a costly and inefficient affair; therefore an effective IT Service Management structure is vital for delivering your business’ critical services.

Our services at TESTQ can assist with a proven approach and practical advice on IT and network infrastructure solutions that enable you to maximise your return on investment, while reducing operating costs and at the same time increase operational efficiency and productivity.

TESTQ Advantage

Our Infrastructure Management Consulting team draws on their expertise in service delivery, support and application management to assess and help you determine your IT strategy in terms of cost, efficiency and the levels of service.

Our services portfolio covers all the major aspects of infrastructure management and provides true end-to-end solutions focused on your business needs. The result is improved productivity, service quality, and end-user satisfaction.

Challenges and Opportunities

IT and infrastructure management services are undergoing a substantial and rapid change. IT teams are focused on delivering business value, improved efficiency and variabilisation of costs. The focus of business nowadays has turned towards leveraging IT infrastructure for business growth and innovation and using IT infrastructure management to help businesses become more agile and flexible.

The key challenges that enterprises face today are:

  • Reduced IT budgets
  • Increasing technology complexity
  • Regulatory pressures
  • Environmental concerns
  • Need for a secure network


" In today’s dynamic business world, managing and scaling global IT infrastructure can prove to be a daunting task for enterprises. Businesses today require round-the-clock IT Infrastructure availability. Accessing critical data and applications on the move has become a necessity. Traditional infrastructure was built for closed and local working environments. Modern infrastructure needs to be open, but secure, highly available and fast. "

Key Areas

TESTQ offers solutions that address every aspect of your Infrastructure Management:

  • Business Integration
  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Data Center Services
  • Desktop Management
  • Data Center Realization
  • Enterprise Security
  • Migration and Deployment