Leading aerospace and defence firms, today, must adopt new technology, materials, and streamline their operations while continuing to innovate to meet the challenges of globalization, changing market forces and shrinking defence budgets. Therefore, constant evolution and keeping pace with an ever-changing world is the key.


Whether you are a defence contractor or an Aerospace original equipment manufacturer (OEM), our experts ensure that your organization has the agility and technology required to fuel tomorrow's innovation.TESTQ is a global consulting, engineering and management firm, providing professional planning, design, and engineering services. TESTQ aims to help aerospace and defence clients to perform to their optimum levels with solutions and services in the following ways:

  • Business transformation through business consulting and enterprise solution delivery
  • Catalyzing innovation by combining cutting-edge technology competencies and engineering services with required domain expertise to co-create products and solutions.
  • Efficient operations through lean processes: Proven best practice approach to create leaner, more flexible organizations.

Key Challenges

The Aerospace and Defence industry today faces challenges not only from the global forces but also from within the industry with increased competition. The new and previously unexplored territories in the form of new economies offer a lucrative avenue for investment which the enterprises must grab to expand their operations and cash on ‘early-bird’ advantage. The key challenges that the industry is facing are follows:

  • Budget constraints
  • Need for innovation
  • Regulatory barriers
  • Lack of suppliers
  • Market Instability
  • Changes in customer expectation
  • Security concerns
  • Profitability


"The defence budgets across the globe are shrinking, on the other hand, commercial aerospace is taking off with an expected record level of airplane production. These trends have forced enterprises to look for new avenues in the service and aftermarket space. At TESTQ, our constant endeavour is to ensure that our stakeholders have the platform that enables them to bring innovative ideas to market quickly and enables them to spot and grab every new opportunity."


  • Aerospace and Defence cost management
  • Aerospace original equipment manufacturer (OEM)
  • Aerospace Product Design
  • Ground and Space Defence
  • Electronics and Communication
  • Supplier Support
  • Maintenance
  • Engineering
  • Infrastructure Management