On the competitive scenario, when your business is having a brand name on which you are pushing all the efforts to introduce aggressive solutions, the relevance of a proficient Enterprise Solution is undeniable. Even for the established businesses, the nature of your business itself can become a question if it goes unproductive on a later stage. You may be having all the business relationships to keep on marketing and attaining new businesses. But if you fail to systematically track a particular or the whole activities of your business, everything starts to fail from that moment. TESTQ brings you the proven enterprise solutions for the transportation and logistics industry for meeting the 360 degree levels of your organization.

TESTQ Advantage

  • The process efficiency improvement solutions offered by TESTQ can uplift your business domination in Transportation & Logistics industry.
  • Excellence in delivery is guaranteed when our solution can combine and compile all the important functioning of your business.
  • Investment friendly solution that can give you high Return on Investment (ROI) through immense productivity.
  • Flexibility, reliability and strategic vitality are the key points we maintain in our solutions.

Key Challenges

  • Competition stands a major hurdle in logistics business.
  • The uncertainties are common in the supply chains.
  • The rising security prerequisites often may not be a smooth factor for the businesses.
  • The failure to activation and productive utilization of the existing resources are always headaches.
  • Innovative methods can exhilarate the customer experiences and thereby a positive attraction to your brand name.
  • Cost minimization and productivity improvisation through the Enterprise solutions can bring forth the profit maximization.
  • Greater credibility and positive reception for leaping into the international business scenario.


" There is no doubt to say that the growth of the modern industries is on a much increased pace and the advancement of the goods market is also amazing. With the help of a well planned and efficient transportation and logistics system the almost all the businesses has gained a much appreciation on their customer relationships. Now it has essential become an essential part of any affluent business now a days. "

Key Areas

Following are the key areas of our solution by which the performance and perfection are guaranteed:

  • Route Management
  • Carrier Selection Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Accounts Management
  • Performance Management
  • Business Performance Analytics

The best industry knowledge and incredible quality management policies have made TESTQ to be an outperforming solution provider among the transportation companies. We are 100% obliged to continue such a status throughout too.