Every company plans differently based on its unique requirements; however, more and more enterprises have begun re-orienting themselves into a process-centric customer-focused organization. This paradigm shift has led to the evolution of Business Process Management (BPM) as a principal management discipline to enable strategic planning of business goals and driving process improvements. As organizations seek to increase agility, and respond to changing market demands, they require systems that change quickly too.

TESTQ through its dedicated team of expert BPM consultants brings together the right mix of functional expertise, best practices, frameworks, methodologies, and product expertise to provide end-to-end BPM services and solutions to its customers.

A potent combination of innovative pricing strategy, engagement and delivery model, business risk management and operational excellence are part of TESTQ’s value proposition.

TESTQ Advantage

Today’s unstable and dynamic business environment and the increasing complexity and proliferation of high-impact technologies pose tough challenges to management teams. To address these challenges, companies across all industries and geographies are focusing more attention and resources on business process management.

TESTQ’s comprehensive and model-based Business Process Management (BPM) services deliver business empowerment to adapt to operational needs. Our expert consultants help you to gain real-time, context-relevant insight into your critical business operations and provide right tools to transform business rules and logic enabling you to run business in a smooth manner.

Our unique combination of skills, approaches, assets and tools generates value quickly, delivers measurable results and creates durable BPM solutions.

Challenges and Opportunities

Business process improvement and alignment is a constant challenge in today’s complex business environment. Customer satisfaction, cutting cost and increasing efficiency across organizational disciplines is becoming primary goal of every organization. However, few organizations are truly ready for business improvement initiatives. The major challenges that the organizations are facing today can be summarized as below:

  • Legacy tools incapable of handling multiple pain points
  • High implementation and maintenance costs
  • Security
  • Performance issues

At TESTQ, we understand these challenges and help remove the complexity and risk with our top-of-class and fully-managed BPM services.


" Business processes are at the heart of what defines a business as a success or failure and whether you have competitive edge over the competition. Business processes that are capable of delivering operational efficiency, business visibility, excellent customer experience, and agility provide the enterprise an edge over the competition. Business managers need process management tools that enable them to make crucial changes which can make business successful. "

Key Areas

At TESTQ, we leverage our best resources and immense capabilities to provide you the following cost-effective and risk-free services:

  • Consulting
  • Technical Advisory
  • Implementation Services
  • Testing Services
  • Support Services
  • Optimization
  • Risk Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Test Design
  • Customer Relationship Management