• Top 6 Web Development Trends in 2019


    Web development trends offer a snapshot of where the industry is heading. Our list features some of the most cutting-edge concepts as well as the latest additions to the developer’s toolbox that ensure we build better experiences for our users. So, here is the list of web development trends at will surely make a difference in 2019.

    1. Introducing the Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

    2. Adoption of AMP Pages

    3. Thumbs up to Single Page Websites

    4. Chatbots

    5. Voice Search Optimization

    6. Cybersecurity  

    Conclusion With over 1.8B websites and less than 200 million active websites to date and hundreds of new websites getting flooded to intensify the competition – how are you going to stay apart?

    Implement these state-of-the-art ideas and follow the development trends to make your business website noticeable.

    Abhinay Mahadik