• Why Choose of Automated Testing?

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    Test automation can be quite advantageous to your mobile app testing cycles. It lets you design better apps with less effort without consuming much time. The reason why most companies today still run manual tests is because they do not have knowledge to properly integrate automated testing for the process of app development.

    In simple words, automated testing means a machine is employed to do the same work that a human does but with less errors in lesser time with more reliability thus enhancing the production.

    If you aren’t sure you need test automation, have a closer look at the top benefits of automated testing.

    Benefits of Automated Testing

    • ROI : It is a big initial investment which may sound like a hold back for many; however, the return of that investment is a long-term and time saving.
    • 24/7 Running Test : We have to sit in front of your system when you run the test manually. In case of automated testing you can start the test when you leave the office and in the morning you can see the results. You can even monitor it remotely.
    • Fewer Human Resources : You don’t need a lot of people doing boring manual tests over and over again. Simply hire a test automation engineer to write your scripts and to automate your tests.
    • Reusability : The scripts are reusable where it eliminates the need to write new scripts all the time even though the version of the OS on the device changes. You can simply redo the test exactly the same, without forgetting any steps
    • Bugs : Automation helps you find bugs in the early stages of software development, reducing expenses and working hours to fix these problems as well.
    • Reliability : No doubt that automated testing is more reliable and way quicker as compared to manual testing.

    Testing on more devices simultaneously and running volumes of tests on thousands of mobile devices, keeping up the continuity of already written scripts or tests are few other benefits of automated testing. Lastly, but the most important is that at the end, you will have a better quality software which will be released earlier, with less problems and you have used less resources.

    TESTQ Technologies is one such Automation Testing in Leicester that can help you in setting up the best testing for your needs. The firm offers best program with an experienced testing engineer who will work with you to develop a suitable automation strategy, and implement the test scripts for you.

    Dhananjay Patil