• Top logo design trends for 2020

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    Are you looking for redesigning your company logo in 2020? Here are the 14 inspiring logo design trends for this year.

    The team from Logaster share their Top logo design trends for 2020 in this infographic.

    Top 14 logo design trends for 2020 Here’s a quick summary:

    1. Simplification
    2. Original Geometry
    3. Unusual Typefaces
    4. Colour Gradients
    5. Multi-Layered Designs
    6. Chaotic Arrangement
    7. Geometric Letters
    8. Emblems
    9. Scaling
    10. Text Destruction
    11. Straight Line Elements
    12. Lowercase Wordmarks
    13. One-Color
    14. Mascots

    Check out the infographic for more detail.

    A version of this post was first published on the Just Creatives blog.

    Abhinay Mahadik