• Reasons Why your Business Should Invest in SEO

    Digital Marketing

    With millions of searches done on a regular basis, it has become imperative for businesses to stay in-front of the customers. But how are you going to do this? The simple answer is SEO.

    SEO is big. Your competitors have already started to invest in it. Simply an attractive website won’t drive leads. Your business needs to be in forefront – in the top SERP’s. So, if you aren’t investing, rest assured that your competitors will take a big slice of your cake.
    In this post we shall discuss some of the excellent reasons why businesses should invest in SEO.

    5 Reasons to Invest in SEO Marketing

    #1. Expand your Reach

    People trust Google – you can also say that they believe in search engines! Just imagine of a customer is searching for “best bakers” and “Minion Bakers” top the results in the search results. The customer won’t directly contact Minion Bakers at the first place. He would still explore other areas, look for social platforms or use different variations while searching. But if the customer gets “Minion Bakers” everywhere he searches and comes across a good number of reviews for the same, it is sure that he is going to place the order to them. So, optimising your business properly helps the search engine to match everything perfectly and route the buyer to your business.

    #2. Catering to digital demand with Search Engines

    Do you know that 90 percent of customers check the reviews before finalizing the purchase? Online shopping is blooming and this is only going to rise with the augmentation in the digital age. There is no alternative to this other than adopting the trend and making your business bloom digitally.

    #3. Brand Awareness

    When your business dominates the searches for your customers’ interest, the trust factors gets automatically instilled in them. Further, such omnipresence or exposure helps the brand to stay at the back of the mind of your customers every time they make a purchase. Ad retargeting or other such strategies are also great in brand recall.

    #4. Customer Insights

    A properly optimised website will boost your credibility, usability and visibility. All this will automatically increase your website traffic. This data will be recorded in your Google analytics and this will aid in tracking valuable information about your visitors. Right from demographics, to location, to their search behaviour – you can use all this information to enhance your advertising and craft strategies more precisely rather than just making guesses for your marketing. “The better you know your customers, the better you can cater them.”

    #5. Conclusion

    Why should you as business owner be concerned about search engine optimization (SEO)? Most seo consulting services say that -

    • It will help you provide a fantastic user experience to your customers
    • Optimising your site with SEO will cater the search engines with critical information so that they will place your business on the first page of results.

    In a nut shell, search engine optimization is no longer an option. If you need to be competitive, want growth, and see returns on investment, invest today.

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    Abhinay Mahadik