• Key Benefits of Local SEO for your Business

    Digital Marketing

    Did you know as per Google, four out of five consumers want search results to be customized to their local communities?

    If you are serious about promoting your business online, local SEO ranking factors are something you must cash upon to increase your sales and ROI. Investing in SEO helps you to connect with more qualified prospects locally through selected keywords and geographic targeting.

    If you are thinking to dominate the digital age competition and grow your business, it is always recommended that you implement Local SEO tactics to reach your potential customers.

    Still not convinced that Local SEO is important? Let’s dive deep and explore the many benefits of utilizing Local SEO.

    The primary purpose of local search optimization is to:

    •  Help businesses show up and outrank their potential competitor on the map
    •  Doing so, an SEO helps business become the most desirable choice for their consumers

    Top 5 Benefits of Local SEO:

    Get found with the Buyer’s Intent

    “Plumbers near me” or “Salon near me” or “best restaurant in Leicester” are some of the most common search styles today. Once such queries are fired, you always get some local results on the Google maps. Most of us have even used those products or have at least contacted those service providers. So, now you see that how important it is to rank your business as per the searching intent of the buyer.

    Using local SEO services you can also boost your prominence and gain credibility for your business.

    Get displayed in the Knowledge Graph

    Have you noticed that once a search query is entered, there are some results which are highlighted on the top or on the right-hand side of the search results? These prominently display information is known as the knowledge graph. As per many sources, these knowledge graphs receive the highest amount of clicks. You can get your business listed there too. A properly created & verified listing on the Google Business is the preliminary step to commence and get listed in the knowledge graph.

    Local Advertising Can Prove To Be Quite Effective

    Now business information has been shown in the form of condensed directory formats. For instance, the name, number, address, service, ratings, and reviews get exhibited up in the search results. So whenever a query is fired for a local business, all such essential data is revealed. Therefore it is important to show correct, up-to-date information about your services to your customers.

    Customers Look to & Trust Online Business Reviews

    Ranking and reputation have become the major goal behind Local SEO. Let’s take an example. If you wish to hire a service provider, you always prefer word of mouth publicity or count on businesses that have the highest number of people who recommend them. You read their experiences and decide whether to choose that business or not. Similarly, in the online world, ratings and reviews are the modern “word-of-mouth” advertisements. They are the biggest influential factor in converting your customers into leads. Showing the online reviews and rating next to your business makes it rank higher and local SEO stresses on this factor seriously.

    Increased Traffic for Your Business

    With a proper search engine optimization strategy in place, your website experiences good rankings and boost in traffic. This can be achieved by proper on-page optimization and placing good content with relevant keywords. Doing so will help you skyrocket your traffic and help you target impressions as well as clicks from customers interested in your niche or industry.

    Growth in Brand Awareness

    It is quite true that the top results in the SERPs enjoy highest trust and authority. The more credible your business is, the higher the number of clicks it receives. Further, it is very well known that people perceive the top listings in the SERPS as the most trustworthy.

    In order to impart a great user experience, Google places brands with valuable information at the top. Owing to this you enjoy good impressions and experience an increase in brand awareness. When your brand gets positioned on the first page, customers are more likely to trust your brand for specific keywords or items. It enhances the level of trust between you and your clients which helps you get more conversion and higher sales.


    SEO provides trackable and computable results. You can monitor traffic, track keywords and watch your conversions. You also gain insights into how searches are performed; engagement with specific demographics or tracking that single keyword or keyword phrase that was used to make a sale. Many more such understandings will let you frame best tactics that will lead to a higher ROI. So, you can consistently refine which keywords to use and drive traffic to your website.


    A higher ranking in your niche is what operating a successful business in today's traffic-driven marketplace is all about. Failing to reach your local audience is what leaves most small business owners behind the curve and sales to get stagnant. Pull ahead of the pack with the right Local SEO services for your local market and see your business grow!

    Abhinay Mahadik