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    As per Fast Company, today 93% of marketers use social media to promote their business. This stats won’t surprise us much as we all know that social media is BIG. More exposure, more opportunity to grow customers and more revenue are what social platforms can offer.

    So, if your business isn’t marketing on it, you are leaving such big chuck of profit on the table.

    I have seen firms that have already established their presence on Facebook, Twitter and other channels, but still complain about lack of success. If such is the case with you, then you must know that social channels aren’t just about opening accounts and making your businesses’ page. It is all about letting your business breathe socially.
    For that you need to plan and act in a direction that your business remains in front of your target consumers when they need your services. Check out these social strategies that will help you establish a good presence and make the most of social channels.

    Essential Elements for Every Social Media Marketing Strategy

    1. Set SMART Marketing Goals

    When I say SMART, it simply means your goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Begin by creating your objectives and goals as you need some base to measure your success and ROI.

    Just tracking tweets, retweets won’t be valuable. You must focus on lead generation, web referrals, conversion rate and so on.

    There can be different goals for different channels. For instance, you can create brand awareness by using paid campaigns but for organic social posts you need to measure acquisition and engagement. Also, not all channels can be equally beneficial. You must figure out which social channel will work the best for you and set you goals accordingly.

    2. Choose Proper Channels & Tactics

    You come across new social channels budding every day. As I have mentioned above, businesses create accounts on every popular social network without researching which platform will bring the most return. One of the ways to determine the best channel is to use the information of your buyer persona. See where your audience spend more time and then invest in branding on that channel more. Also, if your customers use a specific network, stop spending more time in marketing on other platform.

    3. Focus on some Content Strategy

    Good content is always an essential ingredient in marketing. When you speak of social media and content, both have symbiotic relationship.

    Quality is the key and content is no exception. Without a good content social media is meaningless and without social media, your content won’t have audience. So, use them together to reap great benefits and convert your prospects.

    For a successful social strategy, you must focus on –

    • Type of content
    • Time of posting
    • Frequency of posting

    The type of content relies on form and context like text, images, links, video, etc. Focus on posting interesting write-ups, at proper time. One of the key ways to enhance your content reach is by linking to relevant outside sources can help build trust.

    Bring the flavour of SEO strategies with all the above approaches. SEO has always been a key factor in driving sales. Along with the ability to attract an organic audience it encourages in funnelling the right people to your page. Relevant hash tags and optimised content is all you need to fuel up the content reach process.

    A new way to add diversity in your content is by telling live stories. It helps you engage and inspire your customers. You also portray that your brand is more than a money making machine and add a diversity in postings to your social page.

    4. Keep a Close Eye on your Competitors

    It is always good to see what your competitors are doing in regards to social media. It will help you to design your campaign in a much better way.

    5. Use Influencer Marketing

    There are already many influencers on social media who have huge fan followings and voices in every industry. You can reach out to such renowned writers, celebrities or business leaders, who can give your profile a significant boost. 

    Here are some of the pointers you can consider –

    Firstly, begin by finding followers related to your industry. Interact with their content by liking and sharing it. Be authentic, don’t overdo.

    Quote their name in your blog & social media. Influencers might share your mention with their audience, and they may link to your content or follow you.

    See what other influencers are contributing and try to pitch some of your best material.

    Influencer marketing campaigns are especially useful when you want your brand to connect with the millennial crowd.

    6. Enhance Customer Service with AI Chatbots

    Chatbots are everywhere now. It is no surprise that this digital tool has helped a lot in communicating problems and resolving them without the need of any human interruption. You can consider incorporating platforms such as Chattypeople to allow easy integration of AI-powered chatbot into your social media strategy.

    7. Get the Most of your Social Media with Tools

    Tools like Google Analytics can be best to track your efforts bringing new visitors to your site and increasing conversions. Clickable, Webtrends, Quill Engage are some services that can help you monitor and maximise your social media presence.


    Social media marketing can be actually beneficial from driving traffic, sales, building brand awareness, engaging audience, connecting with customers and more. However, if you lack the time to fully participate in social media marketing, hiring digital marketing service providers may be worth considering.

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