• Catch your Friends like Pokemon Go with Snapchat's Snap Map

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    Snapchat has been hit hard with strong competition from Instagram over the past year. The company however is not taking it lying down. Snapchat has a new feature called Snap Map that will now locate your friends and also tell what they are doing. To get to the new location-based Snap Map, you simply go to the camera tab and pinch to zoom out to view it. Tap on your friends if you want to start a chat, or to see when their location was updated last. The feature also gives users a new way to follow their friends. Users can not just know what their friends are snapping, but what others are snapping at that location as well.

    Features at Glance!

    Share Location

    If your friends have their Bitmoji account linked, you'll be able to see if they are driving, walking or doing other things. If you decide to opt-in and allow Snap Map to share your location data, then your Action moji will appear on the map. Other users will then be able to see your snaps and the snaps of others at that location.

    Just Like Catching a Pokemon

    The new snapchat update is like Pokemon Go wherein instead of catching a pokemon you catch your friends having fun without you. So, simply zoom in and zoom out of the map and click on a friend to chat or snap them. Thankfully, no, your Snapchat friends do not get a notification if you are clicking on their bitmoji on Snap Map.


    The new Snapchat’s feature was made with a view to strengthen the community and help make connecting with old and new friends on the service easier. Well, don’t worry about the privacy. For privacy warriors, you can turn on a “Ghost Mode,” which hides your location from your friends and prevents you from showing up on the map.

    Enhanced Snapchat Experience

    Accessing the Snap Map is easy as well; Snapchat added the map as a new layer over the current Snapchat experience. All you have to do to open and view the map is pinch to zoom from the Snapchat camera. The first time that you open the Snap Map you will be taken through a little tutorial that explains the feature and how to use it. The app uses data like your location, your speed of travel and your phone usage to figure out if you’re sleeping, driving, listening to music or even on a flight.


    The Snap Map feature is already available for both iOS and Android. If you like to check out the new Snap Map feature, you have to update your app once it becomes available to you.

    Many of Snapchat's most popular features such as Lenses have been copied by others. Snapchat is hoping that Snap Map will give it an edge over the competition, at least until it gets copied.

    Dhananjay Patil