• Brace Yourself! Here are Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

    Digital Marketing

    In today’s infobahn, the supremacy of digital marketing cannot be ignored. An effective marketing strategy can help any business reap profit by increasing the demand for product or service that they offer. And to frame such a potent digital marketing strategy, you need to keep yourself up-to-date with the ever-changing trends. Here we bring to you the most prevailing digital marketing trends for 2019 which will help you structure your digital marketing strategy.

    User Generated Content – The Modern Word-of-Mouth Marketing

    Authenticity wins. Always! Today genuine and authentic content is on the rising and this is becoming critical for brands. Consumers are giving a thumbs down to deceitful and excess sugar-coated ads that lack honesty. User Generated Content is the modern-day digital word-of-mouth situation that benefits both brands and consumers. It is a win-win scenario and a marketing tactic that brands can incredibly benefit from. Therefore, brands have started motivating their customers to share their real experiences. This is not just useful regarding the genuineness but is also credible (not sponsored) and free for marketers. It instils trust and provokes other people to convert into your customer. This is the reason why UGC has surpassed in our list of digital marketing trends for 2019

    “Okay Google” - Voice Search Is on the Rise

    Good Morning Alexa! Every morning at my home Alexa is busy assisting me with numerous questions (news, to-do’s, quick recipes, etc.). 

    50% of all searches will be accomplished by voice search in 2020.

    Voice search for e-commerce shopping has gained traction. Voice commands have completely changed the way users interact with devices and the query they input while buying online. As most devices have Google Assistant pre-installed in them today voice search optimization has become a necessity. SEO marketers will have to focus more on long tail keywords/phrases which are very, very specific to whatever a company/brand is selling. They must take efforts to optimise content that can answer searchers’ queries which are more conversational by nature. 

    Chatbots & AI

    AI offers what humans can’t. More and more intelligent chatbots are being built to engage users, improve brand image and promote personalized experiences. Chatbots have become more popular, affordable, and clever. So, small businesses and online retailers have started using them for personalizing messages and increasing engagements with customers. AI uses the data from social platforms and blog posts to analyse the consumer behaviour pattern. This becomes very useful for businesses to understand how their customers are finding their products and services. It is predicted that in 2019, the businesses that will invest in AI will be able to save costs and accelerate growth, getting an edge over their competitors. In conclusion, in 2019, machine learning AI tools and algorithms will be employed to the highest to simplify workflow and improve the bottom line.

    AR & VR – There Isn’t Just One Reality Anymore  

    AR & VR offers engagement while making customers an active participant in the brand’s messaging. With a view to providing more personal experience to consumers. 2019 will see several brands leveraging AR for their marketing campaigns. AR’s ability to be deployed on mobile phones and tablets has made it more accessible than VR. One of the examples, why AR is in vogue, is - today before purchasing furniture, AR enables users to visualize the product in their own home while giving them an idea of its placement, look, feel, etc. This has opened a wave of opportunities in the field of customer experience.

    Social Media Expansion Continues

    We breathe social. As per WeAreSocial, there are 3.196 billion global social media users, which equates to 42% market penetration. 

    With such statistics, one cannot ignore the importance of social media, especially in the marketing world.  
    It has become important for marketers to keep up with the social updates. Right now, some of the most popular digital marketing trends are video, automation, influencers - and there is much more to explore!

    Live Video Will Keep Growing

    Content is the king and there would be no better medium than conveying it via a video. It’s no secret that YouTube, Facebook and Instagram’s live video services made waves in 2016, 2017, and 2018. 

    Stats speak that more than 80% of internet users watched a more live video than the year prior. 

    Videos let you get your customers’ feel and experience that your product can offer. They can relate better to your brand. So, it’s important to create a robust content and video strategy by brainstorming and generating ideas.

    Visual Search Might Be Bigger

    It’s not just voice search – visual search is next thing to bet upon. Machine learning is taking online search to new levels and so it has been significant digital marketing trends for 2019

    As per Kissmetrics, 93% of consumers consider visuals to be the key deciding factor in a purchasing decision. 

    So, it won’t be a hype to say that visual search engines are the next thing that will bring in a revolution in the retail industry.   

    Conclusion - Future Proof Yourself!

    Technology is continuously being used to transform industries. Marketers will need to keep a pulse on top of digital marketing trends to stay abreast with the competition. We have listed some of the top 7 digital marketing trends (infographic) that will dominate 2019. We would love to hear from you what digital marketing trends in 2019 should businesses pay attention to? Comment below. 


    Abhinay Mahadik