• A Peek at Enterprise Software Development Trends


    Enterprise software or enterprise application software (EAS) is computer software which is used to satiate the needs of an organization rather than individual users. It is aimed to address issues of an organization as enterprise resource planning, including HRM, accounting, CRM, project management. The organizations include businesses, schools, interest-based user groups, clubs, charities, or governments that help them perform many financial tasks like online payment processing, accounting, billing, etc. In a nut shell you can call enterprise software as a set of customizable apps which is aimed at improving the productivity and efficiency of company.

    Enterprise development practices have traditionally focused on delivery high-quality code built on proven platforms. Modern custom enterprise software systems are based on cloud platform that help users to access real-time data anytime from any place.

    In order to elaborate more we have listed the top 5 software development trends that are shaping the enterprise development

    Software Development Trends Shaping Enterprise

    • Open source development,

    Open source development, the revolution in the infrastructure, advancement in machine learning as well as customer-oriented design when arranged in particular way helps to shape the next massive digital transformation. With Uber and Lyft changing the transportation concept, Twitter and Facebook altering the way communication and Netflix and Hulu changing the cable television concept – all these clearly shows how enterprises have transformed or created industries. It is important that now olden companies should shake off the older technology and reinvent themselves if they want to stay competitive.

    • Open source continues to shape our world

    The culture of open source is a central driver behind every successful company. Businesses that have been persist to incorporate open source in their code as well as culture can no longer turn a blind eye to a deep and invasive change. They truly must transform or fade away.

    • Software development is business development

    Today all businesses are software businesses and this shouldn’t surprise anyone. But what may come as a shock is that the changes emerging from software development, operations, and data teams are at the hub of this transformation.

    • Infrastructure disruption and re-assembly remakes an enterprise

    If you take care of software architecture and systems of a company you can generally ensure a long, healthy life for your enterprise. However, it can be easy to overlook what may be happening internally while you are off paying attention to business models. The good news is there have been great strides in delivery, deployment, and storage that will leave you focused on growing your business rather than ensuring the good working order in the form of XaaS, serverless architecture, containers, and microservices.

    So it is better to adopt new tech on the block by utilizing third-party services like OpenStack, create a resilient and scalable environment, and deploy software continuously with cloud-native tools like Docker.

    • Think Differently

    Machine learning is the talk of the town and major players are choosing open source with the computing power behind it to make a significant impact across many industries. With Siri, Cortana, and Alexa data-fed machine learning is starting to have a significant impact on decision making for businesses, information delivery and how engineering and operations are driving teams as lower-level tasks are no longer an issue.

    • Putting the customer first leads to success every time

    When it comes to planning, designing, and deploying software for business many considerations have to be weighed like budget, schedule, and goals. However, all these should take precedence over the actual customer. The customer could be an end user or another company. You must put the customer front and centre as you embark on iterations and new projects; their experience will decide your success.

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    Dhananjay Patil