• 7 Important Checklists for Your Website

    Digital Marketing

    Lights, Camera, Website Launch Time!

    Sounds electrifying, right? However, every person behind the curtain is well acquainted with the efforts that were made for crafting a website. The period of launching your new website can be a very exciting as well as stressful. It may happen that you can easily skip some of the essential aspects that is ought to be covered. So, we have designed a checklist of some vital factors that will aid in a successful start.

    Run through this quick checklist and ensure that everything is 100% OK.

    #1. Mobile Readiness

    Mobile responsiveness isn’t something new. Google's mobile-friendly update meant a big change for the cellular phone search. Businesses had started losing search traffic as a result of being non-friendly. So, to keep your foot print in the mobile dominated world, here are some of the things you need to cover -

    •     Check how your website looks on the mobile
    •     Ensure that the website isn’t distorted on the mobile screens.
    •     Your website must be easy to navigate and quickly perform searches for queries
    •     Try to fill forms in your site and make a purchase
    •     In case you find difficulty, improvise on the same

    #2. Call to Actions

    With proper placements of CTA’s you can convert your websites into a powerful marketing tool. It will simply aid in smooth conversion of visitors into customers. So, see that you have placed simple, understandable CTA’swhich is easy for website visitors to execute.

    #3. Images that Load

    Make use of genuine photos and videos on your website. High-quality and creative media makes your site appear professional. Videos on homepage with key service content, a gallery, can showcase your work in much better way.

    Avoid using heavy or wrong images. Optimise your pictures. Weighty imageries can surge the speed load time while the erroneous pictures can make your brand appear sloppy. After all you will never want to present a sale on your competitors table!

    #4. Contact Us Page

    A Contact Us page is the hub for getting in touch with your company. Double check if you have incorporated a correct phone number, address, a map, and a "lead generating" contact form.

    #5. Proofread, Proofread and Proofread

    Flawed pages or blog content can drive your customers away. So take time to review all the articles on all your web pages. Your editorial pieces should not only be readable but must make sense and support your brand’s vision.

    Note: While reviewing the content ensure that you are targeting your keywords effectively throughout your site.

    #6. SEO to Rescue

    Search engine optimization has always been important. Your site should be optimised as per proper SEO techniques. Have unique page titles, meta-descriptions, well optimised images, good on-page SEO, etc. to obtain good rankings in future. A site crafted without an SEO vision is ought to struggle in future. Experts recommend seeking help from SEO professionals or taking help of local seo services who can help you with ideas. They also help you generate buzz in a systematic manner about your brand in forthcoming time.

    #7. Backups

    At last, have a backup for your site. Backups help you prevent any loss of data by securing it against any misfortune that may happen.


    So now when you have a checklist handy, verify all the above factors before the site release. Devote time in making sure that everything is working fine. Leave no stone unturned in guarantying the perfection for your website launch.

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    Abhinay Mahadik